Mariner's Point Resort of Cape Cod
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Mariner’s Point Resort Owners

Occupying Your Week
1) A Mariner’s Point Resort owner always has the option of using their fixed week. Check in is Saturday. Check in time is 4:00 p.m and check out time is 10:00 a.m.

Starting dates vary from year to year and an owner should always review their confirmation for the correct check in date for each year.

2) Guests are always welcome to use your week. Please advise the resort as to who will be using your week and what days will be occupied. The maximum occupancy limits are strictly enforced, you are responsible for your guest actions and any damages that occur.

Maintenance fees must be current in order to utilize your week. Maintenance Fees must be paid when billed. All fees are due Jan 1st.

Mariner’s Point Resort Benefits

Use of the Facilities (Parking, Beach, Outdoor Pool and Spa)

a) Resort occupancy must be less than 95% to enjoy day use. Please contact resort on the day you wish to use the facilities to verify that day use is available. (508) 457-0300.

b) Only immediate family and 2 guests can use facilities

c) Owner must check in at office for a Guest Pass.

d) All resort rules must be followed

Owners receive special rates off of Rentals. For rental availability and reservations please call 508-457-0300 for assistance.

Interval International

Mariner’s Point Resort is affiliated with Interval International.. This enables Mariner’s Point Resort owners to exchange their week for a week at resorts around the world and use of other membership benefits that make Vacation Ownership special. The following is a brief outline of the benefits of Interval International membership. Please refer to Interval International's Resort Directory for more detailed information.

Depositing Your Week:

Your must have a confirmation for a week at Mariner’s and the Maintenance Fees for the week you own must be current.

1) You can deposit your week with I.I., up to1 year before the start of your deeded week and you will have until 2 years after your deeded week to redeem this deposit, this gives you a 2 year window of exchange and makes a multiple week vacation possible.

2) I.I. will accept a deposit by phone, mail, internet, or by the resort.

3) You must deposit your week at least 60 days before the start of your deeded week. Deposit received from 59 days to 14 days before the start of your week will be considered Late Deposits and can only be used for Flexchanges (travel 59 days to 24 hours in advance)

4) When you Deposit your week, Color Codes must be followed when placing requests over 60 days in advance of travel. If you are using the Flexchange, you can request anything.

5) All deposits are final, do not deposit your week unless you are sure that you will not be using it.

6) If you would only like to exchange your week or receive an exchange at a particular resort or week, you should use the Request First method.

Interval International Request First:

Your must have a confirmation for a week at Mariner’s.

1) The Request First method allows you to get your week back, if you do not receive your requested exchange.

2) You must travel during or before your deeded week. A request can be placed up to 2 years before your week.

3) Use an exchange form to make a Request First exchange.

Exchange Tips

1) Choose as many choices as possible for travel dates and resorts, you must have at least 3 dates and resorts. Be flexible if possible the more choices you make the quicker you'll receive a confirmation.

2) Make sure the Resort Maintenance Fees are paid for the year you are depositing. You may call the Owner Services department at (508) 457-0300 to prepay via credit card and/or to verify amount to be paid.

3) Look at similar vacation areas (Cancun & Aruba, Catskills & Poconos) when planning exchanges.

Getaway Weeks:

1) Getaways are available from 59 days to 24 hours in advance of travel and are 7 night stays at one price, without relinquishing a week.

2) The best way to book them, is to call 800-722-1880 when you know your going to to ravel. Do not wait for information to come in mail.

Be sure to always try Interval Travel for best rates on Airfare, Rental Cars and Cruises, Call 800-235-4000.


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