Vacation Ownership

Your Own Piece Of Paradise

Mariner's Point Resort of Cape Cod offers one of the most affordable timeshares on Cape Cod. Our owner timeshare resale opens a world of possibilities at prices you will not find elsewhere. Mariner’s Point is an affiliated member of Interval International Vacation Exchange Network (II), this means that the vacation owners can trade these timeshares with thousands of resorts throughout the world.

Mariner's Point Resort of Cape Cod

Developed in the mid-1980s, Mariner's Point is successfully sold as a timeshare resort with deeded fixed intervals. Over the years, we have honored timesharing guests from as far away as Japan.

The Why And How Of Vacation Ownership

The Why And How Of Vacation Ownership

  • Assurance of great holiday accommodation.
  • Possibility of a second home.
  • United States tax benefits.
  • You pay only for the time you actually need.
  • You're pre-paying for future vacations at today's prices.
  • You make a one-time purchase at a fixed price and only pay an annual fee for maintenance and real estate taxes.
Mariner's Point Resort of Cape Cod
Long-term Savings Over Hotels

Long-term Savings Over Hotels

Timeshare is a simple concept where you pay a onetime purchase fee that entitles you to a week every year. Instead of renting your vacations, you now own them.

Here's an example:

Hotel Room

The weekly cost for a hotel room
Number of years of vacationing
Total cost for the hotel


Annual Maintenance fee
Years of vacationing
Total Maintenance Fees
Up front purchase price
  $4000 – $8000
The total cost of Timeshare

As can be seen, owning a timeshare costs almost half of renting a hotel for vacation.

Today, more than three million families across the globe own a timeshare. What's more? Vacationers and property owners have spent almost $5 billion last year alone to join the growing number of vacation owners.

Types Of Vacation Ownerships

Types Of Vacation Ownerships

When it comes to timeshare, ownership types may vary from one property to another. Generally, the vacation owners hold the right to enjoy accommodations and facilities at a resort for a specified period of time each year. Mariner's Point ownership is "deeded", which means you are buying real property. You can give it away, will it to your heirs, rent it or sell it!

Can I Exchange My Vacation Ownership?

Can I Exchange My Vacation Ownership?

Most resorts belong to an exchange network such as the Interval International so their owners can trade their week for one that belongs to someone else.

You can exchange for another time, another location, or both. Interval International has more than 860,000 members who timeshare resorts in 65 countries, and therefore these exchange privileges literally offer a world of vacation opportunities. 

Couldn’t take your vacation as planned? You can bank your timeshare to use in future years which gives you even more flexibility with your property. Our owners are our biggest fans and you will be too after visiting our resort!

Stay at our beautiful resort or exchange your vacation home for a week almost anywhere in the world through Interval International.